Friday, April 30, 2010

End of my 1st month of Blogging

Well, from where i sit this has been my 1st month of blogging and it has been an awesome experience. i wish i started ages ago. it captures your heart, what you do, and it will be so great to look back on when i'm 80. haha. imagine, 50 years of blogging. jeez. i have been so inspired this month, just by putting stuff down, finding the images that inspire me, i realise i am a truly visual person. what's truly on my heart is that i want to do Photography. so... i am saving up for that camera (listed under Things i want) Photographing the world makes me happy. i am very happy with the images i took this month, and editing them in Photoshop (self taught i might add) and i even started my own Flickr account. Getting comments on ur pics is a feeling like nothing else in the world. Feel free to have a look at my pics here.

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