Thursday, November 25, 2010


Once i was told i feel too deeply. They tried to make the feelings go, I didn't play along. Now i wonder at their analyses.. Perhaps they should have determined me in different terms.. Perhaps they should have called me writer. brandisher of firey swords. Would Ernest Hemingway have written? Would Van Gogh have painted?  Now i hide the Gift deep inside, deep down, far away.

I would

I would plait a string of daisies and hang them in you hair.
I would knit a scarf of green, and wrap you up with care.
I would bind you a river of gold, to set sail on a paper boat.
I will be forever loving you, loving you, my dear.

I wrote this for my friend who died in a motorbike accident this year. I miss you.

My pics - Seapoint 7am

My pics from the sea

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My pics - Summer

Some of my pics i took last summer. How i love taking photos. The dog is Saxon and I, a Great Dane puppy. One day i too, shall have a Great Dane. He shall follow me around. I shall call him Ben.