Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

We road tripped. we left Cape Town and headed up the Garden Route. we overnighted a few nights at my friend's magical farm between the forests of Knysna and Plett. they have fireflies that visit and fly in a spiral dance every night. we saw a full moon rise. we harvested 100 vine leaves to make 100 dolmades. we harvested fresh herbs from the garden, and visited Sedgefield Market where my friends sell their handmade silver jewelry and leather goods. we swam in the rock pools of Kara Tara. my friends are living the good life.

We made our way to Hogsback, to the magical misty mountains of Terra Khaya and Away with the Fairies. we drank whiskey, we walked the Labyrinth. we partied on the edge of the world. we left the mist for the sunshine coast, to the shores of Cintsa and Buccaneers. this is a place of legends, the most beautiful shore line, people and food. The Barefoot Cafe gets a special mention. it was a holiday to remember, my thanks.

Photos: Fiona Hare


  1. Oh what a magical way to start the new year! Hogsback is stunning, such a mystical place...and I used to do karate with the gorgeous Shane from Terra Khaya. Small world. Absolutely LOVE labyrinths and this one looks almost underwater? How utterly sublime! Well Ms Hare, I do hope our paths cross sometime during this fine year. Would love to hear you play in your old Overberg hood or simply sit beneath the stars and talk love, words, life and The Universe with you. Fingers crossed we make it happen. So much love, Bx

  2. Stunning! Thanks for ur lovely comment. I will strive to make it happen. Love and Light to you Xx

  3. Came across your B&W blog of 2012, and came here because your view through the lens is unique... Continue.. Hope you blog more and publish more photos..

    John Canada