Friday, March 30, 2012

William Fitzsimmons

Great find. You will like him if you like gentle.

My favourite song is Passion Play...

Beautiful Girl

William Fitzsimmons on beards....:)

Tattoo covet

I want to go and get my tattoo Today. Here are some beautiful tattoo covets of mine..

What are you doing this weekend?

This weekend the first cold spell hit. I bought a Ukelele yesterday on the stormiest day of the year. I learnt three songs this morning and I'm going to play it for the first time tonight. I'm playing for a friend's birthday, at Jackal & Hyde. It's a Tanglewood cut-away with a pick up and oh-so-cute:) Happy Weekend all!

More of You

I'm listening to one of my tracks this morning and I'm excited. It's my favourite track of all time. It's called 'More of You' and I can't wait for it to be released in the world. I'm kind of nervous, kind of excited about it being released, because your songs are like your children and you never know if you're quite finished with them yet, or how they will be received into the world. but this one I am proud of I am certain.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walk off the Earth

I am in love with these guys right now. Not a small crush. A big one.


My housemate bought a keyboard. It's sitting in my lounge. I'm excited because I sold my piano a while back, and I can't wait to start composing again. 

Here is a snippet of something totally beautiful and totally inspiring. It's called Winter Circle, by Balmorhea. I want to go home and play now.

with tea and chocolate digestives. and this song too (featuring some great banjo and violin - Bowspit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last night I went to Takumi. What a place. I love the simple lines and unassuming decor. The wooden floors and tables. You can sit outside or in.

The Sushi itself is Amazing! So fresh and, suitably large portions which makes me happy.

We had the Endamame Beans to start, Aubergines dipped in honey & sesame seeds, Salmon Roses, the Orignal Special and The Mexican. You can take me back there Anytime.

You can find it at 3 Park Road, Gardens, Cape Town

Call 021 424 8879

Today I bought a ukelele

new jeans for winter, a turquoise yoga mat, and a ukelele. Stoked.
but i wonder if I'll use any of these things?

A beautiful Wedding

This was my most favourite wedding of all time. It was in Constantia, in a garden, with close friends and family. This couple radiated joy and love. It reminds me that weddings don't have to cost the earth. But that the important thing is to have the people around you that you love, doing the thing that you love the most.


I went to Namibia last week. I loved the skies the most. and rollercoasting the sand dunes. and the songs of the Kalahari, sung by the bushmen of that region. I recorded their songs and hope to put it in one of my songs one day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deni & Carlin's wedding

My friends got married and asked me to do their photos. They got married in idealic Greyton, amongst the Peech Rains, which is very good luck. There were treasure hunts, and swimming, canoes and dancing, and we slept in teepees under the stars. What a beautiful weekend. I was honoured to be a part of it. Here are a few snaps -

click on pic for a larger image  

Summer Houses

In February I went to Cape Point with a few friends. my sanctuary. my Summer house. I walked the coastline from end to end, and explored the wrecks. I found a washed up whale, in which I lay - the bones had been bleached by the sun. We played musical charades and guitars and our childish selves delighted in the sun.
click on pic for a larger image

Travelling - Wilderness

I have been traveling...

I went to the forests of the Tsitsikamma. I met some wild folk. I spent my time at Wild Spirit Backpackers which was food for the soul. I hiked the Crags, the forests and a 4 tiered waterfall. I ate beautiful food made with love, and played music on the deck. This place leaves me dreaming...

I went to Wilderness with my best friend Dave. We stayed at Far Hills Lodge. Words can't descibe it. This  is my home away from home. I met some beautiful people, mandolin players, guitarists, didgereedoo players, drummers. These people feel the same as me, or, I feel the same as them. Wilderness, you are my spiritual home.

click on the pic for a bigger image

Why I do it

Q/ Why do you do, what you do?
A/ Because I can't do anything else.

Q/ What are you doing right now?
A/ Editing my photos to Felix Le Band. (i like music)

Q/ Why do you take photos?
A/ Because I'm obsessed with capturing moments through my lens.

Q/ Why?
A/ Because it makes me happy. Because I remember life and the way it made me feel through my photos.

Q/ Cool.
A/ Cool.
me on the mandolin