Thursday, July 28, 2011


you know when, you want something, and you can't stop thinking about it. and you obsess about it for ages till you get it. and then when you get it you're kinda disappointed? well that's me with everything, mostly. except tattoos. i'm in love with the birds, swallows and sparrows. here's a few i'd like to get;

Inspiration black & white

I love black & white photography. Here are a few of my faves;

My friends got married

We went to the magistrate's court in Paarl. the big wedding is in France next year, hence my saving up for my trip to Europe next July. Here are the pics I took.


i've always had this dream of being a gypsy. i'd have a caravan and a horse. i'd have a travelling band of friends and we'd sit around the camp fire every night and play music. you can do holidays like that in england. strange but i've always wanted to.


I'm looking at houses. one day i'll buy a really good one. but in the meantime it's fun to look. my prerequisite is a garden, and a studio i can escape into. the rest i'm not fussed with.


I'm getting ready to start motorbiking across the Western Cape. lord help me!
i have to buy gear and all that stuff but actually i'm quite excited. summer come.

Club Voom Voom

This is where I'm playing on Saturday.
CLUB VOOM VOOM, 70 ON LOOP​omvoomclub​bvoomvoom

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amadodas - Cold Turkey

There is a place in Cape Town next to the railway tracks where you can braai and get down to dub step all in one place. it's called Amadodas and is totally brilliant. every 2nd sunday. here is the facebook group.

Magical Transkei

I went away for a week. to the Eastern Cape. there was a hurricane. and lots of storms. but i took some nice pics. here they are.