Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

We road tripped. we left Cape Town and headed up the Garden Route. we overnighted a few nights at my friend's magical farm between the forests of Knysna and Plett. they have fireflies that visit and fly in a spiral dance every night. we saw a full moon rise. we harvested 100 vine leaves to make 100 dolmades. we harvested fresh herbs from the garden, and visited Sedgefield Market where my friends sell their handmade silver jewelry and leather goods. we swam in the rock pools of Kara Tara. my friends are living the good life.

We made our way to Hogsback, to the magical misty mountains of Terra Khaya and Away with the Fairies. we drank whiskey, we walked the Labyrinth. we partied on the edge of the world. we left the mist for the sunshine coast, to the shores of Cintsa and Buccaneers. this is a place of legends, the most beautiful shore line, people and food. The Barefoot Cafe gets a special mention. it was a holiday to remember, my thanks.

Photos: Fiona Hare

In the studio

I was in the studio today recording the 7th track for my album. 3 more songs to go and i'm done. I'm playing electric guitar on it that has a slow, hard, grungy feel, my tribute to grunge, to the 90's. it was a fun session. i'm happy with my harmonies (which used to be so hard for me, but i'm getting better the more i do it) and with ashton's vision. i'm in the studio every Thursday till the album is done. the track is called Hands.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Support Local

I have a great belief is supporting local. Today I bought lunch from my friend, an out-of-work-mother-of-two. She receives no maintenance from her ex-husband. Our paths have crossed for a year now. I met her in Checkers with her teenage daughter. She started selling sandwiches where I work, and now she is doing amazing things: fresh ciabattas, and organic healthy salads for R25 each. (real value for money) I feel good for her, I feel good supporting her. She found a niche and went for it. She didn't sit around.

This year I tried to support local and buy local for Xmas presents. I went to a great home market in Muizenburg. My people loved what I bought them, and I wanted to share a few of the artists' goodies that were on sale (I could have bought so much more) (I am saving up more) (It's a good feeling.) These artists are among the best in Cape Town. They are ceramicists and jewelers and designers are creatives and I love their work.