Saturday, February 27, 2016

Singing bowls

A Wonderful gift, 3 Singing bowls. honestly my guy supports my dreams and is my champion. I couldn't be more grateful. These bowls are beautiful. I can't wait to use them. Thank you xx

Sound Meditation

I did this great Sound Meditation and Yoga with Retief, a wonderful soul.

Chris Tokalon - Celebrate Sound

Beautiful Sound Journey with Chris.

Sound Journey

I left the world of commercial music and started my Sound Journey.
This means alot of things. Understudying, observing and listening.
It is different to be a passive listener rather than the entertainer in the spot light.
I have been given singing bowls and added them to my collection.
I have been going on many Sound Journeys. Teachers are everywhere.
This, last night, with Mirja.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A Movement Medicine practice facilitated by Jayne Bullen. Shamballah Tea house.

I wanted to tell you about a dance I did with Jayne. She is my favourite teacher because she is so Authentic.
There is no ego with her. This is the most important thing I hold value in. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the practice and came out a different person. How do you describe a thing so deep and rich in ceremony. You go in feeling one way and come out feeling completely another.
There are major shifts that happen that you don't even know about.
Whatever you need to get out of it - you do.

I went in disconnected and I came out connected. That's the only way I can describe it.
I went in knowing no one and very shy, and I came out feeling like I'd connected on a heart level with myself,  and everyone, on a deep and gentle level.
The music guided me through, a sound journey of highs and lows, music from all over the world. Nidhi drummed beautifully throughout.
Jayne asked us to set an intention - if there was something we wanted to make better, or let go. The music and dance help you to change/ shift your perspective. the music and whatever happened in that room, broke me. What I received from that dance was 'work on your 'I don't feel worthy' issues.' 'DAnce though your pain.' At some point I started crying, tears were streaming down my face. I thought 'how do I carry on?' I managed to keep dancing. I had no idea what was happening, why was this happening to me! I observed the patterns in my life.  Someone held the space while I cried. We shared what we wanted to let go of. I realised I was carrying around so much in my relationship then, and I didn't want to carry it around anymore. Feeling consumed by my other, I needed to find balance. I accepted that I needed to come and go as I please, that it was all I was capable of then. Love me for who I am, accept me for who I am. So much has changed since then since I danced this dance - everything has come into place and settled. But I needed this dance then. I am grateful for the music, for the journey, for the women in that room, the compassion and the honesty. For connecting with myself, my rhythm, my wisdom, my shaman, and shifting my perspective.
Movement is Medicine.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Wedding 06 02 2016

We got married. on the 6th of Feb. Under dozens of Milkwood Trees. in Monkey Valley. where the mountain meets the sea. it was a dream.

New Beginnings

We bought a farm in the Kouebokkeveld. It has a lot of history, we are building a house. It is where I learnt to fish with my Dad growing up. A more special place does not exist, in this world for me, not ever. I am Completely Humbled. Thank you. xxx

Sup Yoga Video I shot

Here's a Sup Yoga video I shot for Kim for What-Sup Fitness and my Company #Love Africa
at the V&A Waterfront. I am mighty proud of myself as it's the first vid I've shot & directed :) :)
If you want to learn to SUP, watch till the end, the contact details for Kim's school are there.

I sang a beach Wedding

I was honored to sing a beach wedding on Llandudno on Tuesday for beautiful couple Manuela and Geert from Holland. We hired a generator for my sound, and hid it under the Milkwood trees. They chose my original songs Magick, Galilee and Hands for their ceremony. I couldn't be more happy, it was totally overwhelming. I am grateful to Andrew and Ashton who helped with my sound, and turned out 'magic'