Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where I grew up

Not many people know this, but I didn't grow up here. I grew up on a farm in the Hemel en Aarde Valley, just outside Hermanus. I recently visted again. It is a very special place. I miss living here.

The road less travelled
the meditation hut
the road to the farm house
burmese fountain
Timbavati the cat
view from the Turkstras house
through the old orchards
circular drive
the grotto pool
tiger lily
the waterfall pool (i used to swim here alot)
the cave under the waterfall (i used to sit here alot)
the grotto
the first barn my dad built in 1984 :)

Kalk Bay

I am writing about Kalk Bay again. We went to buy fish for a braai. I forgot about these pics I took because on the way, my friend gutted his car. It was pretty traumatic. We didn't get fish, but I did get some great pics..

The Liesbeek Bishopscourt Village

I have a friend who loves having her birthdays in parks, aka picnic style. I think it's a great idea. For her last birthday we went to the Liesbeek Park Village, which is absolutely beautiful, along the river. It is green and lush, and I had never been there before. It feels like you are in minature faerie land, where you'd expect to see a gnome or goblin peeking out at you. Here are some pics, but of course, they never do it justice.

Milnerton Market

Is a trip. You have to get there early before all the art dealers and antique jewelery snatchers. Here are some of the things I would like to have.
A clock
A saddle
A vintage camera
A collection of all the greats
A record player for 45's
Old adverts for best brands (Pears soap and Bovril happen to be my favourite still)

A Singer
A jaffle iron (I really really want this!)
This door knocker
or these ones.
odds and ends
car paraphernalia
pretend telephones