Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black Dog

Holy Shmoly I released a track today. It's called Black Dog.
It's super rocky and hard. My hardest track to date.
You can listen to it here if you like http://soundcloud.com/fionahare/black-d0g

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don Pedros

For locals and lovers, travellers and gypsies, this restaurant is a treat. Don Pedros was originally opened in the 1990's, a popular drinking spot, and has recently been taken over by Madame Zingaras. It is quirky and fun, like most of their restaurants, and you can dine while listening to cabaret. (Find out what night it's on, it's a R20 cover charge but so worth it taking you back to the70's) I thought the food was great, the prices good, and the experience was all round memorable. I had the Duck al Orange, and lots of 'champagne'. I'll definitely  be back for more.
113 Roodebloem rd, Woodstock


I've been feeling nomadic of late. it's the gypsy spirit stirring again. luckily i've planned my life so that i'm away every weekend until Christmas. lots of west coast trips, ocean, music and sun. the beautiful life on the open road. here are some beauties i want for summer.

single fin board, original wood finish
floral beach turban
ethnic print dress
aztec print pancho
friendship bracelets
gypsy turban

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Indie Shuffle

Hello lovelies. What are you up to? I'm flat on my back (pretending to watch the rugby) but actually blogging. (From my iPhone) (yes I know I'm late to the party) The best thing I can say about my Iphone is the new App I downloaded this morning that streams new, never heard of before Indie music. I was making breakfast, flipping pancakes and streaming new tunes from www.indieshuffle.com Just, go there, you won't be sorry. I promise. (and was created by a fellow South African! Jason Grishkoff) (super awesome)