Monday, April 29, 2013

Ours Cafe

Another great restaurant we tried this weekend was OURS in Kalk Bay. What a place!! I'm not sure if it was the great company, amazing yellow tail, to die for chocloate pie or gorgeous wine that did it for us. The owner himself is a gem (David) he spent the whole night talking to us - he's so passionate about coffee it'd make your head spin and taught us some new things (being a Barrister) We sat outside under the stars and talked late into the night around the fire - True African style. *Love the simple things.

Blue Water Cafe

Where is your favourite restaurant? Mine is the Blue Water Cafe at the moment. Yesterday I had lunch with friends, and tried their scrumptious pizza for the first time. It was terrific - the thinnest base ever, very Italian and so generous with toppings. It was Out of this World. You walk out onto a lavender garden, that looks out onto the sea and mountains and 180 degree views. My breath always gets taken away for the first 5 minutes of sitting down. I had the  Pizza e Poire*caramelized pears, blue cheese, bacon and rocket  at R76.00

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bedouin Gypsy

I'm getting my outfit ready for Afrika Burn. This is my Top Hat I'm going to be wearing. This year's theme is ARCHETYPES. My archetype is definately Bedouin Gypsy, I'm going as a Fortune Teller. There is still ALOT of preperation to be done. (got to get enought water to last in the desert for 3 days, bikes, desert goggles, food, gear, shade etc) I can't wait to experience this year's Burn!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Album cover

Annemieke and I did a photo shoot on Saturday morning for my album cover. In a farm tucked away in the foothills of Table Mountain. In an ancient ammunition storage centre that was built 100's of years ago. It's HARD posing for the camera, I much rather prefer being behind the lens, as I'm SUPER CRITICAL of myself. but it was fun because Annemieke's relaxed and funny. Here are 2 of the images she sent me so far...i'm SUPER NERVOUS about the outcome..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I've been up to.

Hey bloggers!, what have you been up to? I've been away. I went to Jo'burg. my new favourite place. The energy's HIGH and the people are FUN. It restored my faith in humanity and/or South Africans. It's the first time I met Tswana people. I can't quite believe it. Cape Town feels so small when you get back. the bubble that is the western cape. But I still love you Cape Town, you are my favourite child. I went the Pilanesburg Game Reserve and chilled out with some elephants (cool sentients) I visited Sun City and swam in the Valley of Waves (realizing my childhood dream, at last) I went up the West Coast to surfer's paradise. we SUP'd, while the boys surfed. the sunsets out there are incredible. and on the interim i guess i've been working and gigging and getting ready for Afrika Burn. Our team has got a pop up cinema, and we're going to be showing movies. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. the short version. I hope your Easter was cool and you got to do some relaxing. Here are some pics from my travels. x

Photos: Fiona Hare

New kid

I got a rabbit!!! For realz. His name is Rodger the Dodger. He's a dwarf Angora Blue Steel (that's his breed, I'm not making it up) IF you could get any pet what would you get? I'd get a couple of Golden Retrievers and a farm. Definately a farm.