Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Up the Creek

Four days on the Breede River. Sun, Swimming, and great music. I will need therapy, it was such a good party. It is Wednesday and I still have no voice. Good thing, or bad? These are the highlights of my party:
  • Getting 2 blokes to pitch my tent
  • The Iceburgs
  • The Titanics
  • Leon’s lumo tent
  • Sailor Jerry for breakfast
  • Swimming in The Breede
  • The floating raft with full bar and braai.  Being braaied kudu boerie in the middle of the river
  • The lamb spit braai
  • Albert Frost, Machinery, Shadow Club & the Kongos sets on Saturday night. = Smokin’
  • Being stage dived on by a 6 foot dude
  • Being in the middle of the moshpit and main instigator during Shadowclub's set
  • Sitting on the embankment all Saturday talking kak to strangers.
  • The drunken pile on (witnessing 5 people wearing one t-shirt)
  • Leon falling off the embankment
  • Making new friends
  • Peechy Keen and Holiday Murray on the River Stage
  • Akkedis’s set and the AC/DC tribute show. Equals Amazing.
  • Seeing the sky lighten on Sunday morning and you thought it was only 2am
  • Finding half a bottle of Johnnie Walker under your chair. Bonus.
  • Sharing  a long board with 4 strangers and cruising down the river
  • Sitting in a blow up pool with 4 young hot dudes screaming "I'm on a boat!"
  • Losing ur bikini to the river
  • Realising your ride is too broken to drive you home on Sunday so you stay another night