Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 changes

I'm  daydreaming of my bohemian home. i am learning to be genuine with myself. i am running.

To sing or not to sing

This weekend i pushed myself, out of my security and comfort zone, and onto two different stages. the one stage was in a club, Club Voom Voom. i played my tribute to the women singers that i love, called "You are the Greatest" i played on a really beautiful sound system. it was gorgeous to hear my voice and guitar amplified through such beautiful sound. it was really special. and then i played on another completely different stage, opening for The Vans at The Fuzz Box at Kilareny racetrack. i played my own songs that i've written, just a few, i was feeling nervous and hot and not myself, a bit self conscious. but the reception was warm and very friendly. i think the secret is to mix up what people know, with what people don't know in terms of song choice. sometimes a set can feel so great, when you play, and other times you never really get into the swing of it and feeling self conscious on stage. this for me is the worst feeling in the world. i wonder what the secret is? you can be as prepared as you can,and then on the day, 5 minutes before you start, something throws you and your vibe.