Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lucky Bao

Lucky Bao is a restaurant in Hout Bay set on the Main road. It seats 8 and is situated around a chefs station in a 'pod' like structure. It is quite simply the best culinary experience I've experienced this year - a fusion of Asian street food like nothing you've tasted before. If this is what Asian street food is, then I'm in for life.

Conceptualised by chef Cheyne Morrisby the recently launched diner serves up hot, fast Japanese and Chinese over-the-counter food at a bar set-up for both lunch and dinner. Cheyne calls this a ‘Pacific Rim’ style of cooking and the Lucky Bao is a melting pot of Oriental flavours. Do Try: the Bao, a traditional Chinese steamed bun with fillings like grilled pork belly or soft-shell crab; Yakitori, a Japanese skewered food dish that comes in a variety of flavourful coatings, and Slaw with mandoline-sliced roots and green chilli mayo.

Thursday evenings, on the other hand, are reserved for specialty Ramen and Burger Nights, during which guests can eat the noodle delicacy or bite into Asian-style patties in a relaxed atmosphere. Friday and Saturday nights make way for a more intimate and sophisticated culinary journey called the ‘Lucky Six’, which invites groups of eight to book out the venue for an evening to enjoy a secret six-course dinner.

Get there. now!


2015 - what a year it has been. Music Festivals, Surfing,Visiting the UK, Escaping to Bali, dancing at Afrika Burn, Performing, birthdays,West Coast trips, camping with friends, moving  house and we got engaged. And now we're building a house, and planning a wedding. Can't quite believe, this year has been good. Endless gratitude.


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