Monday, September 15, 2014

Going deeper into Movement Medicine

The 9 Gateways of Movement Medicine are divided into 3 journeys, each with a specific intent. The specific workshops associated with each journey are listed below.

Journey Gateways Intent
The Journey of Empowerment Body
Embodiment of consciousness through awakening and aligning kinaesthetic, emotional & mental intelligence in order to create strong foundations for the journey ahead.

The Journey of Responsibility Past
Transforming the past into a source of strength, wisdom and inspiration for conscious living in the present. Our state of being, actions and thoughts are a significant part of what creates the future for ourselves, our families, our communities and generations that will follow.

Living the Dream Fulfillment
Embodiment of the soul and giving your gifts; living from direct experience of the interconnection of all life; realisation that we are one with the source of creation.

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