Monday, December 2, 2013

Exhibition night

Friday was Exhibition night at Bellovista Productions, of Sam Allerton. I went alone - this is often the best way, because you get into the art, on your own. In your own time, and in the way you want. Sam's drawings are funny and sad, and honest and raw and express everything you've ever felt, in tiny pen drawings. I grabbed the artist himself and inundated him with 100 questions. It was wonderful to hear his reasons behind his art, what drives him, and what they mean to him. Sam is honest and approachable and humble and I like that. He is a sculptor and photographer too. You can go and see his work here on Bellovista's facebook page - Tammy, the owner of Bellovista, wanted a place where she could host events and gatherings in a beautiful space in a relaxed environment, quite like her lounge, but also with a formal and glamorous feel. She gets it totally right here, with great big bottles of champagne flowing all night, and platters upon platters of delicious food. She is a great networker and tappas queen. What better way to spend a Friday night?

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