Tuesday, July 16, 2013

things on your own: Going to the Theatre

One of the assignments from my writing course was to go and do something on my own, ie. take yourself on a 'writing date'. So I booked a ticket and watched London Road last night, at the Alexander Bar (76 Strand Street) What a special, well written play. It's about a Jewish 'mensch' who lives in a block of flats in London Road, Seapoint, and meets a Nigerian woman, and their unlikely friendship. Heartwarming and incredibly moving, it put life into perspective. Sad, funny, well executed, and amazingly acted, I cried ALOT. cathartic. 5/5 Here's the write-up, "The beau­ti­ful, poignant story of an unlikely friend­ship between two women, neigh­bours in a block of flats in Sea Point. Rosa is an elderly Jew­ish widow. Stella is a Niger­ian immi­grant cagey about the details of her import/export busi­ness. Their lives col­lide after an inci­dent of vio­lence, and grad­u­ally they dis­cover much in com­mon — fam­i­lies scat­tered around the world, old grudges, lost loves and a fiery verve for life. Funny and heart­break­ing with pow­er­ful, detailed performances."

For more information on the Alexander Bar and what's showing, go to www.http://alexanderbar.co.za

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