Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Afrika Burn 2013 - Wisdom

Afrika Burn is South Africa's version of Burning Man. You have to bring everything with you: - your water, your shade, your food, your camping, your bikes, your transport. And you have to take everything away/ leave no trace: The BEST TIP I am going to give you is this: do not exceed 65 km per hour on the gravel road when traveling to and from the party. There were so many punctures on the road (us included), the Karoo road eats tyres for breakfast. We got a puncture on the way up (we were exceeding 100 kms per hour) but an amazing local woman in a GoodYear tyre truck helped us and removed and fixed our tyre for us. She said no matter what you are driving, be it a Landy or 4x4 or a Audi sedan (in our case) you must drive at 65 km per hour. This wisdom really helped us. I urge everyone to do the same. 1 person had 5 punctures on the way, and that was because he was driving too fast. I left Cape Town at 1pm, and arrived there at 6pm, a 5 hour drive. That should give you an idea. About the Burn, there is not much too say, except that for once I have no words. It has to be experienced for yourself. There is a peace about the desert, that supersedes all understanding. The stars at night, the burning fires, it puts you in touch with the primordial unconscious, of how it used to be a long long time ago. And the huge creativity and sacrifice that goes into the Burn. Here are some of my pics for you, 1Love.

Photos: Fiona Hare

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