Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Support Local

I have a great belief is supporting local. Today I bought lunch from my friend, an out-of-work-mother-of-two. She receives no maintenance from her ex-husband. Our paths have crossed for a year now. I met her in Checkers with her teenage daughter. She started selling sandwiches where I work, and now she is doing amazing things: fresh ciabattas, and organic healthy salads for R25 each. (real value for money) I feel good for her, I feel good supporting her. She found a niche and went for it. She didn't sit around.

This year I tried to support local and buy local for Xmas presents. I went to a great home market in Muizenburg. My people loved what I bought them, and I wanted to share a few of the artists' goodies that were on sale (I could have bought so much more) (I am saving up more) (It's a good feeling.) These artists are among the best in Cape Town. They are ceramicists and jewelers and designers are creatives and I love their work.





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