Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music Synergy

 Photography by Haylee Beth Maltz

Gigs are coming around like sushi on a converyer belt! Once I made the decision to commit to playing music, the world cracked open. Things on the horizon: I'd like to buy a vocal processor that loops and makes harmonies, will see if I can afford one.

Gigs that I've done recently and been booked and paid for are: the Sunday Market at the Cape Quarter (I borrowed Steve's acoustic Laney Amp and put my vox and my Fender through, it sounded great and was a great lesson for me on how simple things can be and still sound good.) The other Market I played at last weekend was the new Hout Bay Night Market (they had their own PA system which was good) A couple of people asked if they could buy my cd, which was fantastic feedback for me, but regrettably I had to say that I'm still in the process of recording one:)

Exciting news on my album is that I've laid 5 tracks down with Ashton. They are Guide tracks only but we're half way there. Other wonderful news is that Cooked in Africa wants to use my track 'Deeper' on their show. Oh wow.

On Sunday I played at Angelico's in Harfield, around the corner where I live.
Some lovely Italians representing:) I met some old faces from the Barleycorn. I'd like to play a proper gig there, maybe call in my band of brothers (namely my dad, uncle and cousin) on Ovation and Fiddle and Banjo:) it'll go down well I think.

My favourtie musical moment of this weekend was playing drums for the band Kombat Fudge at their acoustic session at the Armchair Lounge. it was good fun. They are a tight set and their harmonies are great. I liked that I got to experience them in an acoustic setting. I find that drumming always grounds me, I feel more 'me' if that makes sense?

I'm also looking at starting rock band with two of my mates, I will see how that pans out and if not well it's always good to jam with other musicians, you learn alot. i learnt a kiff new skank rythm from my friend Caleb on Sunday, who writes very good songs, kinda Bob Dylan stylee. I went to bed with new songs in my head.

So all in all I'm a happy camper. It's the end of January and I already feel like I've accomplished so much. C'mon Universe, I'm ready for you:)

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