Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Changing over

The whole idea of Juicing and eating Raw has me thinking about food and the nutrional value of food, now, and say 80 years ago. There is a vast difference in the nutrional value of food grown nowdays, to back thenv when our grandparents were eating it. They were healthier because they were eating 'off the land.' I stopped in at our big supermarket chains, and asked around for Organically grown vegetables, and there were none to speak of (only at Woolworths) I made the decision to buy Organic where possible. It makes sense to try and obtain the highest nutrition that you can from your food when you're juicing.

Wild Organics in Woodstock is the place I went to first. You order on a Tuesday, and pick up on a Wednesday. It's that simple. I've been eating Raw all week and have been feeling good. The green smoothies are my favourite and ridiculously good for you (apple juice, 1/2 a lemon, cup of spinach, banana) as well as the sprouted chickpea, avocado & mung bean salads. My counter looked so colourful when I came home I had to take a photo to show you.

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