Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the other side of midnight

This is an excert from Shutter Sisters...It's the other side of midnight, my favorite hour to explore the city with my camera. Normally, I would venture out on my own, enjoying the solitude and my quality time with Chicago's beautiful dark side. Tonight, however, I have company. My friends DM and Brett, fellow D90 users, are my co-conspirators on this particular night photo adventure. We shoot for a couple hours together in the cold, and I have to say that I enjoy the cameraderie and the freedom to linger here and there. My companions don't rush me or start tapping their feet when they're ready to move on because they too understand that sometimes you absolutely need to take 20 shots of your shoe. By the end of the shoot, we're starving, freezing and tired, but it was totally worth it for me. I feel grateful to have found fellow photographers who are night owls like myself.

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