Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delta Sky

I'm back from Botswana & Zambia. From a searing 45 degrees celsius to a rainy cold 14 degrees in Cape Town, the adjustment is almost unbearable.
Something in me has changed. Has shifted. I don't know what.

I have been surrounded by the great open plains of the Delta, great herds of game, and silences that stretch on forever.

I can no longer switch on the radio. I can no longer watch television. I am unable to listen to the mindless commercial chatter on 5fm. All I can listen to now is music with no lyrics, Delta Blues from Mali, the haunting strains of Ale Farka Toure, Geoffrey Oryema, and Baba Maal. And Desert Music of the Berbers.

Something in me has changed. Call it a holiday, or call it Africa. But I have come back renewed and re-strengthened. The people of Botswana restored my faith in humanity. I have never met a people more peaceful or loving. And this one thing I know for sure. That to watch animals for a week on end, to have no cellphone reception, and to see not one tar road, these things have given balance to my soul.

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