Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things on my heart

I'm pleased to say i have achieved my heart's desire this year, and bought the DSLR of my dreams (Canon 500D) i've been having fun with it ever since. however, i'm going to the Okavango Delta next month and therefore need a longer lends so i bought a 70 - 300mm from Orms but it just sucked horribly, with soft focus and loss of clarity, so i took it back (they very kindly did) and now i have a Voucher for the same value. i am thinking of getting either: the 18 - 135 mm lens (a much better idea! as i can use this lens every day in shoots) or the new mik en drik Canon Powershot SX210 IS, omg this baby is small but deadly with 14 x optical zoom, i want it, i want it. You can read a rad write up about it here and then the fun write up here

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