Thursday, August 5, 2010

Barleycorn Singer/Songwriter Competition

Sooo, i picked up my courage and entered 3 songs to the Barelycorn Singer/Songwriting Competition on Monday. i've never considered entering before - they have to be songs you've NEVER PERFORMED PUBLICALLY (so really, you have no idea what the response will be like, or if they're good, or if people will like them) Big Freak out. Anyway, the 3 songs i entered were: 1.) Shadow, 2.) Beach House 3.) Magick

whether i come anywhere is unimportant, what has been so good for me is just watching the people who enter, and observing the people who play, and playing with the people at Obs Cafe and the Barleycorn. It ups your game and inspires you to perform differently. i'm trying out so many different things, verbrato, harmony, standing and playing as opposed to sitting. all these things are little earthquakes to my music.

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